What is a passive electronic lock?

1.Passive electronic lock without power wiring and battery,without the need for wiring works and tedious routine maintenance. Replaced the original mechanical locks, plug and play! ! !

2.High-precision manufacturing, patented technology, suitable for all places, can adapt to a variety of adverse weather conditions.Passive electronic lock can be better achieved the highest protection class 'IP68' fully waterproof and dustproof. High temperature, humid environment work as usual! ! !

3.Has a variety of control systems designed to improve safety, responsibility, and authority control. Based on a unique, patented design, passive electronic digital lock and programmable smart key to solve the problem of security control, you can quickly replace the mechanical lock and key to prevent unauthorized original holders as well as the preparation of the key to solve the security key is lost due to uncontrolled question!

4.Self-control by the user at any time, at any time repeal lost keys, AES 128 encryption keys can not be stolen with, a key can be used for all LS passive electronic lock, 10, 100, 1000 .... .. there is no limit to the number!

Our installation and deployment, just two steps!

1.Electronic lock installation LS
Remove the existing mechanical lock / mechanical lock cylinder, follow these steps to install the same general mechanical lock installation, tighten a few screws, installation is complete! ! !
2.Preparation of your electronic key
Simple to use intelligent electronic key into the electronic lock, to complete the set. You can use! ! !

Our services.

Since the company was founded 19 years since 1995, we have been serving the government units and public utilities users, large enterprises, banks, police departments, telecommunications, electricity, water, gas, mobile communications, logistics, transportation, security, customs .. And so on industry. As well as for commercial and industrial users of commercial confidentiality protection which prevent internal theft. Provides a simple and rapid deployment, high security, high reliability, rapid control of integrated electronic lock security system. China has a number of patents, as well as multi-national PCT international patents, have complete independent intellectual property rights. We are relying on the patented technology owned intellectual property rights, combined with a variety of the latest technology, with many industry leaders to carry out extensive cooperation, and strive to enrich our product variety.